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We put the empowerment of women and children at the heart of our mission, working side by side with schools and grassroots organizations located in underprivileged areas of Buenos Aires and Santiago del Estero.


We know about the enthusiasm and the spirit to overcome of women and children.

That is why we bring them projects and activities with a focus on education, health and recreation, working side by side with schools, dining rooms and community centers in Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires.
For them, and for each vulnerable community in our country, we wake up every day with the hope and the courage to help those who need us most.

We trust that humble and generous teamwork empowers us.

That the time to act is now. That there is no distance that separates us when solidarity calls us.

Our Projects


We aim to revitalize rural schools located in the south of Santiago del Estero (Argentina). We provide equipment for schools and students supplies, and we offer different activities focused on three areas: literature, health and nutrition, and access to clean water.
Nutrition: We ensure that schools serve a plate of food every day.
Literature: We build mobile libraries in the shape of a rocket ship, fill them with fun books, and offer reading and writing workshops.
Health: A group of volunteer doctors visit schools three times a year to provide primary health care for children and young people from 0 to 18 years old.


We work together with grassroots organizations (such as community kitchens and social institutions) located in underprivileged areas of Buenos Aires, assisting them with basic needs and offering institutional support.


To enhance the spirit of solidarity, we offer different volunteering workshops for companies (both in-person and online), bringing them closer to the possibility of helping the communities where we work.


We know that women have a leading role as promoters of the spirit of change.We offer workshops and activities focused on their development and empowerment, in our headquarters and allied grassroots organizations.

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